TakerPlus had a humble beginning, followed by a rapid growth story. In a short span of time, we have earned the trust of our clients worldwide and have built a reputation based on reliability and speed of service. We are a team of highly professional specialists mainly in the forex industry, technical wizards and fintech experts who came together with a vision to making life easier for forex brokers and financial institutions. From powerful software to hosting solutions and from data feeds to white label solutions, our offerings are focused on facilitating brokers worldwide, enabling them to offer their clients easier access to trading with best conditions. To provide a more holistic offering, our team also has marketing professionals and support staff. The TakerPlus team has more than 15 years of experience. We are dedicated to delivering premium solutions and backup our offering with high specialised services that enable brokers and financial institutions to take their business to the next level. What ties our team together is the common passion of making it very easy for brokers, professional traders, money managers and asset managers to service their clients, maximise profits and manage risks. TakerPlus encourages a diverse workforce and an informal, yet highly driven work environment. We go the extra mile to tailor our offerings to a client’s unique needs and add maximum convenience in their operations.

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