Dependable Data Storage
TakerPlus Hosting services ensure high security, speed and reliability via NY4 & LD4 server locations. Our team of highly experienced trading and technology experts ensure we offer the highest level of data security, comparable to the security requirements of the demanding banking industry.

Our servers feature N+1 redundancy, so the system continues to perform even if one component fails. This makes our offering highly resilient.

Ultra-Low Latency
We understand that even the smallest delays can have a big impact on your profits. It is for this reason that our data centres are optimised to process a large volume of data with extraordinarily low latency. Now you’ll never lose sleep over delays. The TakerPlus Hosting solution is designed to support real-time access and responses to rapidly changing data.

We have a proactive approach, rather than waiting to act only when something goes wrong. Our servers and all the applications are continuously monitored.

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