The TakerPlus Multi Account Manager (MAM) offers an all-in-one solution for professional traders, money managers and asset managers to conveniently and swiftly manage funds under their master account arrangement in live trading conditions. 

    Manage Multiple Accounts with the Greatest Ease
    Managing multiple accounts can be an extremely time-consuming task that is prone to error. Delays in allocation can result in inefficiencies. Periodically calculating commissions can be daunting.

    If all this sounds familiar, you need the TakerPlus Multi Account Manager. Our MAM is a feature-rich software with an integrated range of essential tools to help you allocate and manage funds in hundreds of accounts, with high speed and utmost reliability. 

    Trade multiple accounts with a single click. And, there’s practically no delay in allocations. Gain real-time control of open positions across all your managed accounts.

    Amazing Features of the TakerPlus MAM
    • Ideal for professional traders, money managers and asset managers.
    • The TakerPlus Multi Account Manager is compatible with the world’s most popular trading platform, MetaTrader. The software tools enable money managers to trade and manage multiple accounts from a single MetaTrader interface.
    • Provides a single, centralised interface that allows you to manage hundreds of accounts with the greatest convenience.
    • Manage unlimited trading accounts with ease.
    • You can instantly change your allocation parameters.
    • Allows real-time monitoring of the P&Ls of different accounts.
    • Facilitates group order execution.
    • Calculate commissions with a single click.
    • Easy access to historical reports.

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