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A Solution for All Brokers
Here’s a risk management solution designed especially for brokers. Enjoy a super easy way to manage risk and optimize your profitability.

TakerPlus Risk Software is an easy-to-use, fully featured, risk management solution designed for brokers. This software, based on intelligent technology, enables brokers to oversee all positions, view aggregate exposure and gain control over risks. 

With industry-leading technology by your side, you can easily assess risk levels and potential losses under any market condition and improve your risk-adjusted performance. 

Boost Your Performance, While Keeping Risk in Check
With TakerPlus Risk Software, brokers can:

  • Benefit from an integrated software that takes your risk-adjusted performance to the next level
  • Gain access to huge amounts of real-time monitoring alerts
  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose the monitoring alerts you wish to receive by simply configuring settings according to your unique needs
  • Access all information on a highly intuitive dashboard
  • Benefit from advanced tools for exposure aggregation
  • Monitor and analyse total risk exposure
  • Predict your brokerage firm’s performance against various market scenarios 
  • Detect unusual trading activities in real-time

Puts Control Back in Your Hands
With TakerPlus Risk Software, you can view various A/B-Book parameters, including:

  • Trading volume
  • Reconciliation of positions
  • Revenue per contract per instrument 
  • Average mark-up per instrument
  • Book profit and loss 
  • Open interest with liquidity providers

TakerPlus Risk Software also gives brokers a bird’s eye view of:

  • Aggregated positions of all clients 
  • Detailed information on every client and their respective positions
  • Client risk profile 
  • Average price exposure 
  • TakerPlus Risk Software can be used seamlessly with MetaTrader and other leading trading platforms

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